Saturday, June 8th is World Ocean’s Day

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Protect Florida’s Dolphins!

KB Patio’s founder and her team are concerned about Southwest Florida’s dolphins. You should be, too. Our marine animals play a vital role in Florida’s ecosystem. They need your awareness of the dangers to their health and wellbeing – as well as your commitment to maintaining the vitality of our local oceans and waterways that they inhabit.

Download this free poster on “Dolphin-Friendly Tips”, and keep it handy.

Kindly post it in your boat, at your dock or marina, yacht club, local fishing and tackle store, at schools and community centers, etc.

Following the 10 tips outlined in the poster will help the dolphins and other marine wildlife from meeting a fate they don’t deserve.

Clean and safe oceans and waterways are everyone’s responsibility.

Thanks to the NOAA, MOTE Marine Laboratory, The Dolphin Conservation Center, Disney and others for making this information available to all. What better time to raise awareness than on #worldoceansday!

For more information on dolphin interaction with anglers, see: or

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